Learning Design Workshop

The Learning Design Workshop by Prof. Dr. Gráinne Conole was held on August 3 2017 in MMU, Cyberjaya, as part of the 2-day i-TEACH Symposium.


This is an intensive design workshop to prepare courses for online and mobile environments. It is suggested that participants have a course in mind, for which to design and storyboard the teaching and learning, in this workshop. By the end of this module, participants will be able to:

  • conceptualise the learning design process from different perspectives
  • apply a range of learning design resources, tools and methods to a learning intervention
  • critique a range of pedagogical approaches and the role played by different technologies, in supporting these
  • review and debate the theoretical underpinnings of learning design
  • develop an innovative storyboard, learning activities and a structure for implementation. .

The day’s activities are part of the 7Cs of learning design framework, which consists of seven components:

  • Conceptualise – which initiates the design process and consists of imagine, design and prepare
  • Capture – which covers the ways in which search engines, OER repositories and social bookmarking can be used to find and collate relevant resources and activities
  • Communicate – which covers how to moderate asynchronous and synchronous forums
  • Collaborate – which considers how tools like wikis, voicethread, pirate pad can be used to foster collaboration and how to work in virtual teams.
  • Consider a range of pedagogical approaches and the role played by different technologies in supporting these approaches
  • Combine – analyse your activity profile and bring artefacts together into a storyboard of your course
  • Consolidate – implement the course and develop an evaluation rubric
Prof. Dr. Gráinne Conole
Prof. Dr. Gráinne Conole is a consultant and visiting professor at Dublin City University. She has worked at the Universities of Bath Spa, Bristol, Leicester, OU and Southampton. Her research interests are on the use of technologies for learning, including Open Educational Resources (OER) and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), new approaches to designing for learning, e-pedagogies, and social media. She has an HEA National Teaching Fellowship and fellow of EDEN and ASCILITE. She has published and presented over 1000 talks, workshops and articles. She is currently undertaking a trend analysis of digital solutions for low-literate users for UNESCO. See http://e4innovation.co.uk