The objective of iStudio is to allow lecturers to produce their own teaching materials by recording a live video with other add on materials such as slides, images & videos that is straight away embedded into the video. This allows lecturers to create their own learning content as part of their blended learning strategies.

iStudio Concept
iStudio is an unrivaled (VR content production) video production, broadcasting, and presentation enhancing system. Powerful but easy to use, this turnkey package of hardware and software brings the capabilities of a professional production studio to any presentation environment – educational institutions, studios, meeting rooms, small to large lecture halls, corporate training facility, and hotel conference events.

The unbeatable combined view of a presenter in a ‘virtual room’ or any background with an insertion of desired digital materials generates a dynamic flow of activity that captures and retains audience’s interest throughout.

iStudio Benefits
iStudio is a powerful content creating machine that helps anyone to produce attention-grabbing content for various purposes: learning content for education, government and corporate training videos, and event recording. Create stunning videos instantly and share media files, document files including presentation files or connect to an extra camera as a visualizer.

How to book the iStudio

  1. Check the iStudio calendar for available slots and to book your timeslot (
  2. Make sure you select 2 slots:
    Slot 1: Setup & Rehearsal
    Slot 2: Actual recording
  3. Once you have booked your slots, key in your request through the Service Desk