Blended Learning: How To Get Started

Training Concept/Methodology:

  • Participatory and interactive group discussion
  • Mentoring and sharing session
  • Presentation


  • To refine Blended Learning guideline for BL implementation in CDP and to systematically embed Blended Learning approaches in teaching and learning activities in CDP.
  • To give exposure on various tools for presentation, assessment and collaboration that can be used in teaching and learning process.
  • To brainstorm in provide ideas on development a blended learning friendly centre in terms of:
    • Physical environment (Facilities & tools)
    • Virtual environment (Concepts & teaching methods)

Pedagogy and Teaching for GRAs

This GRA Training is meant to address issues faced by GRAs who may not have any background in teaching. The purpose of the training is to expose GRAs to the importance of teaching skills and to equip the GRAs with the neccessary knowledge/skills required to teach their tutorial/lab classes.

After this training, GRAs should be able to conduct more engaging classes and know how to better interact with the students.

Coaching - The Way Forward in Teaching Excellence

The Coaching – The Way Forward in Teaching Excellence Program is designed with the overall objective of equipping educators with a set of core coaching competencies coupled with learning new skills, tools and techniques of becoming coach-leaders.

Upon completion of this program, the coach-leaders would be able to :

  • Identify and explain with examples the differences between coaching, consulting,counseling and mentoring
  • Use skills and techniques such as :
    • building effective rapport
    • designing powerful questions
    • exercising active listening
    • utilizing and practicing validation
  • Utilize a total of 7 TOOLS, among them include :
    • FEEDBACK – to provide objective and honest feedback to empower the coachee.
    • ACTIVE LISTENING – to enable listening at a deeper level.
    • POWERFUL QUESTIONING – to enable succinct and accurate exploration.
    • VALUES TOOL – to establish the key motivators to drive towards coachees’ goals.
    • G.R.O.W.Model – to navigate the coaching conversation between coach and coachee.

How to WOW Your Blended Learning

This course takes you step by step creating and designing course content using web 2.0 tools.

  • To share with the participants fundamental of course design and strategies
  • To introduce participants to useful tools that support blended learning in class and Visme – an online tool that assists lecturers in translating ideas and syllabus content into professional presentations, info graphics & other forms of visual Content.

Instructional Design with Gagne

Gagne’s Nine Events of Instruction assists instruction designers and educators in building a framework or structure on the preparation and delivery of instructional content. The nine events of instruction can be modified to fit both the content to be presented and the knowledge level of your audience. This training guides us in applying Gagne’s Nine Events of Instruction in our classes or learning sessions.

Learning Design for Technical Subjects

This workshop is designed to allow the participants to explore the possibility of incorporating e-learning in technical subjects such as mathematics, engineering, computer programming, and information technology. Various methodology in designing e-learning will be shared and discussed during the workshop.

At the end of this workshop, the participants should be able:
1. To identify and use the various learning theory in designing activities for e-learning in technical subjects

2. To develop learning design for technical subjects