About Us

The Office of Academic Development for Excellence in Programmes and Teaching (ADEPT) is under the purview of the Vice President (Academic). ADEPT was established to assist the VPA and Academic Development Committee (ADC) to ensure the quality of the academic programmes offered by the University as well as the accreditation and recognition by the authorities.This office works closely with the VPA’s Office and the Academic Compliance and Regulatory Unit (ACR) in supporting the CQI of the university and provide strategic supports in terms of academic development, ISO implementation and institutional related audit and recognition.

ADEPT also seeks to support excellence in teaching and learning, as well as development of the scholarship of teaching and learning in MMU that fosters significant, lifelong learning; transforms minds positively through knowledge; enhances the practice and profession of teaching, and brings recognition and reward to teaching.

ADEPT’s 2-pronged functions

  • Ensuring fulfillment of requirements within programme standards and professional bodies’ manuals in the curriculum content
  • Conduct and manages teaching and learning related trainings

ADEPT's Organization Chart


Prof. Ts. Dr. Neo Mai
Heidi Tan Yeen-Ju
Deputy Director
Dr. Lee Chin Poo
Deputy Director
Norayesha Nazli Abdul Razak
Nik Idarwani Nik Ahmad Damian
Assistant Manager
Nazirah Mat Sin
Subject Matter Expert